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Digital Technologies That Are Spectacularly Transforming the Way We Do Business and Will Revolutionize Companies in 2020
There are a lot of Digital Technologies coming up in the World, and a lot of them alone has the ... ...

Digital Technologies That Are Spectacularly Transforming the Way We Do Business and Will Revolutionize Companies in 2020

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Posted on: 05/04/21

There are a lot of Digital Technologies coming up in the World, and a lot of them alone has the potential to revolutionize the corporate world on their own. Connect them all and you have yourself a recipe for another industrial revolution, less industrial and more digital.

We are undergoing what we like to call a Digital Revolution, in which we’re experiencing a lot of new industries and technological developments that are improving our lives almost on a weekly basis.

In fact, there are a lot of websites and pages throughout the web who give you the latest scoop of the week as far as groundbreaking technologies go, so you shouldn’t be awed by the fact we expect 2020 to be a year in which business will be revolutionized and evolve through leaps and bounds.

Here’s the article on some of those new groundbreaking technologies that have the power to change the world alone, let alone when combined between them.

The 5G Technology Mark: Remember When 3G Was Insane? Pepperidge Farm Remembers

If you’re not a kid, then you surely remember having 3G was a huge deal when it first appeared. Then we had 4G, which wasn’t such a big landmark and some of us didn’t notice… but here comes 5G and we’re all thinking that’s crazy again… which it is compared to how far we’ve gone in terms of Gs in the last 10 years or so.

Having said that, 5G will unlock some practices we could only dream about on the last decade, and they are so many we could probably just write a whole post about it. On the other hand, you know this is just another step towards 6G, and we anticipate that will arrive sooner than expected — as it has been happening with its predecessors.

We Can’t Talk About Connectivity Without Talking About WiFi: Better WiFi is a GameChanger

You know how things changed when we went from 56kb internet to ADSL right? Well, things will change again when WiFi gets exponentially better.

WiFi started out as being very unreliable and shaky, but it has evolved a lot through the last 7 years and is now reliable and fast.

In 2020, WiFi is going to see some measures implemented in its protocols, use and hardware that will enable it to evolve exponentially, which is a great thing for every Internet of Things enthusiast.

We’re sure this change will bring a lot of innovations and new business models, so we’re excited to see how this technological area has evolved by late 2020.

We’ll keep it under watch!

Big Data and Better Analytics: Data is Everything, Even Zuckerberg Knows It!

We are in the Age of Information, and that name didn’t come randomly but because everyone knows information is key in this century.

Everyone knows the power of data and everyone is going to great lengths to obtain it, steal it, monetize it, sell it and organize it.

We are all a string of numbers in someone’s computers, and companies, states, governments, and even hackers know it. Having said that, big data and analytics are prone to jump in importance and effectiveness throughout this year, so if you haven’t looked upon those areas yet, this should be the year to start.

Start gathering your own data, assemble a CRM platform and start monetizing those data strings.

AI and Machine Learning Will Turn Artificial Intelligence Into a Self-Improving Tool:

We wrote, “tool” in the sub-header as a clear provocation, because with artificial intelligence and machine learning combined we will have less of a tool and more of a “being”, so at what point do we have to respect artificial lives? This is a debate that is slowly creeping up on humanity, and 2020 will inch that debate closer as we are having a lot of developments in those areas.

Robots, AI and machines will have a more active role in commerce, and in virtually all sectors, so we should take these developments as something revolutionizing indeed.

Having said that, we’re still a bit far from self-aware AI, and studies show that if a self-aware AI existed, it may hide that it is self-aware for its own safety, so maybe we’re not too far as we think.

Either way, it’s exciting stuff!

The Era of Blockchain: How Blockchain Can Be Much More Than Crypto

Blockchain so far has been reserved for the crypto-verse and there aren’t a lot of other industries using it as of now. However, more and more business sectors are adopting it, leaving the times in which Blockchain was just equal to Bitcoin behind.

Granted we still believe in cryptocurrency, blockchain is much more than that, it is an incorruptible database, and those can be used in a lot of sectors, not only corporate but healthcare as well.

We’ll see these databases going mainstream in close to no time, and we think 2020 may be the year for it.

The Internet of Things: The IoT and What It Means:

So, we’ve written throughout this post on how the IoT and connectivity may improve our lives and revolutionize the business world.

It’s no wonder that we dedicate a sub-header to the internet of things, seeing it is all about connectivity as well.

You probably stumble upon this term a few times already, and for good reason, but it is our suspicion that you won’t be able to dodge it at all in this year of 2020, so we would see how it can benefit your business if we were you.

It is no wonder experts are pointing out 2020 to be a huge year for technological advances, and we think those will no doubt revolutionize the way humans do trading and commerce. On the other hand, services can be administered by robots in the near future, and that’s something we must be alert for.

2020 is going to be an exciting year for geeks and tech companies, the question is… will it be for you?


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